Wheelchair Resale

Recycle & Resale
As a service to the community, we offer advertisements of used equipment – regardless of whether it is bought from our company,  at our website for free. Sellers just need to email us the item’s

  • picture file no larger than 100 Kbytes
  • brief description of brand / model and conditions
  • asking price
  • contact details.

We leave it to sellers and potential buyers to negotiate all transaction terms, and shall not be held responsible for any ensuing dispute. Email us again for removal of the posting after you have sold the item.



DONATION If you choose to give away your equipment, we would like to recommend the following organization:

Mobility Aids Services & Training Centre
Tel: 67839023   Email: Eugenetan@Kg-senang.org.sg

The centre actively liaises with social workers from various hospitals who can identify needy recipients of equipment